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Four Ways to Naturally Lower Cholesterol Levels

September 13, 2017

Caregiver in Belmont CA: Ways to Naturally Lower Cholesterol
Caregiver in Belmont CA: Ways to Naturally Lower Cholesterol
At your dad's last checkup, his cholesterol levels came in higher than desired. His doctor recommended making some dietary changes before putting him on a prescription cholesterol medication. Here are four ways to naturally lower cholesterol levels.1. Lose Weight.Getting to a healthy weight can help lower cholesterol levels. It's not a guarantee, but it's especially helpful in lowering high triglyceride levels. If he's severely overweight, many experts feel even a 10 percent weight loss is beneficial.2. Get Plenty of Exercise.Your dad should get plenty of daily exercise. He doesn't need to hit the gym, but he should go for a long walk each day. If he has a dog, taking his dog for a walk is a good way to get outside and get exercise. If he doesn't, he could walk a neighbor's dog or volunteer as a dog walker at a local shelter. Swimming is another form of exercise that's popular with senior citizens. It's especially helpful if your dad has joint pain from arthritis. Buoyancy will help ease the strain on sore joints.3. Change the Diet.Your dad needs to cut back on intake of saturated and trans fats. Limiting red meats, increasing vegetables and fruits, and focusing on high-fiber items can help. Have your dad eat seafood that's rich in fatty acids like herring, mackerel, and sardines. Instead of beef or pork, switch him to chicken and turkey breasts. Try swapping a couple meat dishes for vegetarian meals each week. If your dad loves chili, make a vegetarian chili that's rich in beans. Soluble fiber is a must. Oatmeal for breakfast, bean soup, stew, and chili, and soups with barley are all ideal. Swapping white rice for brown rice, whole grain bread for white bread, and whole wheat pasta for regular pasta are all better food choices.4. Reduce Stress.Stress also affects cholesterol levels. If your dad is the type of person that stresses easily, he should look into activities that help him relax. He could join a yoga class at a senior center, go out to the movies with a friend, or enjoy a favorite hobby in his home. Put a hammock in his back yard and give him a tranquil spot for reading on a sunny afternoon. Hire caregivers to help your dad take care of himself at home. Caregivers are happy to help your dad plan a healthy menu, go shopping for the ingredients, and then prepare the meals in his kitchen. Senior care professionals can change sheets, help with light housekeeping duties, and take care of the weekly laundry. Call a home care agency today to find out more about things caregivers can help your dad complete each day or week.

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