Your Dad Is Convinced He Doesn't Need Home Care, Now What?

January 25, 2022

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Here's a problem that many families encounter. They know their parent needs a carer. Living at home alone isn't safe or acceptable anymore. Yet, that parent insists they're fine and do not need any help. They shut the conversation down and refuse to listen to reason. 
Your dad is one of those stubborn older adults. He had a stroke that impacted his mobility. He needs someone to help him with housekeeping, meals, and transportation. He will not listen. What do you do? 
Gather the Family for Dinner and a Conversation 
Get the family together for a potluck dinner with your dad. Let them address their fears with him and see what he says in response. He may find that he has family willing to help him out in the home, which will reduce the number of hours he needs to spend with a home care aide. 
If he realizes that he only needs a caregiver for a few hours a week, he may be less nervous about having home care aides in his home. Once you have him considering it, talk about having the caregiver overlap with family member visits to help him feel comfortable during the transition to home care. 
Enlist Family Friends 
Enlist the help of family friends. You specifically want family friends that have had experiences with home care services. They can talk to your dad about their experiences with caregivers and how it's improved their day-to-day life at home. 
It can help to have a pastor or trusted religious official talk to your dad about senior care services. It may also be helpful to have him go to a senior center or neighbors to talk to his peers about their experiences. 
Ask the Doctor for Guidance 
Talk to your dad's doctor. If your dad hears his doctor say he has to have a caregiver for a few hours a day, he may be more willing to listen. He'll have his doctor's insight on why a caregiver is needed. Plus, he'll learn if there's a chance that this will change as he improves. 
If there is the chance of not needing a caregiver, your dad may work harder to recover fully. It's why asking a doctor for input is essential. 
Let Him Lead Discussions 
Let your dad lead the conversation when you call a home care specialist. He's the one spending time with professional caregivers, so he should play an integral part in hiring those caregivers. Make sure he's involved. 

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