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What Happens When You Hire Home Care Aides?

August 30, 2022

Home Care Saratoga, CA: Home Care Aides

Your mom hates the idea of moving. It's her biggest fear, but her home is a bit much for her to manage on her own. There are several areas where she needs your help, and you're having a hard time balancing your life with your mom's care needs. It's time to take a closer look at home care assistance for your mom.


Start by Asking Questions

Before you hire home care services, talk to the family about the things your mom cannot complete on her own. Your brother often has to help her wash, dry, and put away laundry. That's an area where home care aides could be helping out.

Your sister tells you that your mom cannot drive well. She's ridden with your mom, and your mom's arthritis pain in the back makes it impossible for her to turn and check her blind spots. Your mom should not drive anymore. That's another area where caregivers can help your family.

Go over the things your mom can and cannot do. Involve your mom in this conversation and get her input on what would help her as she goes through her daily routines. If anyone raises questions that they'd like to get answered, write them down.


Talk to an Expert in Home Care

Once you have your list of questions, talk to a home care specialist and get answers. Make sure the family hears the answers and has the chance to ask follow-up questions as needed.

Go over a daily agenda with the home care assistance specialist. If your mom has a caregiver on a specific day, what happens? This will vary depending on the amount of assistance your mom needs. 

If she's going to have caregivers with her all day, she'll likely have a caregiver there when she wakes up, takes morning medications, and showers. Her caregiver may help her get dressed before cooking breakfast, or your mom has medications and breakfast before showering and dressing.

The caregiver will wash and dry dishes or load the dishwasher before making your mom's bed. If it's time to change her sheets and towels, the caregiver does that and runs a load of laundry. Other household chores like vacuuming, dusting, and tidying up are completed.

Your mom's caregiver can help her get to any appointments or do the grocery shopping. If your mom wants to take a walk around her neighborhood, her caregiver is by her side. If she'd rather have a glass of iced tea and sit outside, she has a caregiver to talk to while she's enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.


Arrange Home Care to Help Your Mom Stay Independent

The most important thing that happens when you arrange home care assistance is that your mom maintains her independence. She lives in her own home and doesn't have to move in with you or into a smaller one-level home. She has the help she needs to age in place. Call a home care assistance specialist to make the arrangements.


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