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Is Your Mom Planning to Age Alone?

November 22, 2022

In-Home Care Los Gatos, CA: Aging Alone

It's your mom's goal to age alone. Now that she's a widow, that plan hasn't changed. She doesn't want to move in with anyone else and she definitely is against downsizing. When she wants to age alone, it's important to talk about where she needs help, what health issues she has, and what she is able to do on her own.

How Is Her Health?

Does your mom have any health issues that require daily medications? If so, does she remember to take them on her own? 

Some of the most common chronic health conditions in older adults require dietary and lifestyle changes. Your mom needs to walk at least half an hour each day. If no one is available to walk with her, she often skips it. That's not helping her manage her disease.

If your mom forgets to take her pills or takes them incorrectly, she can be negatively impacting her health. It's important that she's taking pills correctly and often enough. She also needs to order refills before she runs out. Home care services may be helpful with this.

Is Her Home Safe?

A large family home can be a lot to maintain as you age. Plus, it costs more to heat. Consider renting out a room or section of the home to a grandchild or other family member or close family friend's child or grandchild. She could offer a lowered rent in exchange for yard work or home maintenance.

She should have basic safety features like grab bars installed in her bathroom. Handrails on stairs need to be secure. Non-slip flooring is essential.

If Your mom's bedroom is upstairs, but there's no bathroom up there. In the middle of the night, she has to get out of bed, walk down a flight of stairs, and walk back upstairs to go to bed. She's wide awake after that trip.

Where Does She Have the Hardest Time Doing Things On Her Own?

Each day, your mom has tasks to complete. What does she find hardest to do on her own? Is anyone helping her with those tasks? If not, are you or your brothers and sisters available to help?

Create a list of the help your mom needs each day, week, and month. Go through and see who is free on those days. Build a monthly calendar to get an idea of where there are gaps that need filling. That's where paid caregivers can help out.

How Close Are You?

When you live hours from your mom, it's hard to help her. She won't move closer to you, and you have jobs and kids in public schools who can't just leave with ease. You have to make sure she's supported even if it can't be you helping.

In-home care is one of the easiest ways to ensure your mom has the help she needs. She'll have caregivers helping her with transportation and appointment scheduling. If she has a hard time remembering when she has appointments and arranging rides in advance, her caregiver can help her. 

Your mom has caregivers to clean her home, do the laundry, and cook meals. In-home care aides help with all of this and are easily booked by making a call and discussing your mom's health and living situation with an advisor.

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