5 Signs a Senior Needs Elder Care

August 11, 2021

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As people age, it can become more difficult to admit that they need assistance. Moreover, accepting that one needs assistance can invoke feelings of a loss of control. So, how can you make sure that your senior loved one needs any assistance?  

Like all of us, seniors also have a strong desire to be independent and remain in control of their own lives as long as possible. In many cases, it is common for seniors to first try to hide or downplay any issue they are facing until an adverse situation or emergency occurs which is beyond their control. These situations often lead to a simple conclusion- that your loved one needs assistance. Here are some signs that your senior needs elder care


1.They Are Falling or At Risk of Falling 

There are two types of things that put your senior at the risk of falling- environmental hazards and loss of mobility/flexibility. If you notice things like unsafe indoor or outdoor stairs, rugs lying on the floor, or major clutter- this can cause serious damage later if not taken care of. 

On the other hand, if your loved one’s vision has changed recently, or he or she is feeling dizzy often or even worse, had a fall already, then he or she is at risk due to falling due to aging. 

Both of these issues require immediate attention. An elder care expert can evaluate, assess and recommend the necessary actions to be taken according to the situation.


2.They Have a Medical Condition 

A recently diagnosed disease, illness or injury could affect your loved one's ability to function on a daily basis. In that case, getting professional help from elder care services will ease the lives of not only your senior but family members as well.


3.They Are Getting Into Car Accidents or/or Getting Tickets 

If In a short span of time you see your loved one getting multiple accidents or got a number of warnings or citations, then it might be time to think about what options are available to provide them safe transportation. These may appear as small matters at first, but you need to take them seriously and talk to elder care professionals that can help your senior the help they need.


4.They Are Feeling Disconnected 

If you observe that your loved ones are getting more and more isolated, or that they are not regularly visiting or connecting with their friends or neighbors, then it might be the time that you seek professional help. As these may be an outcome of depression or dementia, it is crucial to see how a professional can help you. Elder care can give your senior the daily social interaction and human contact they need when you are not around to help them. 


5.There Are Changes In Their Behavior 

If you observe that your loved one is not changing clothes for several days or wearing dirty clothes or you observe that they are not bathing, have dirty hair or appear to be sad or in some cases, hyperactive, then it is important to consider that they may need extra help. Elder care professionals can aid with everything they need around the house and make their life easier. 


Conclusion: 5 Signs a Senior Needs Elder Care 

These are the common indicators that your senior may need help at home or increased level of care. So, in these circumstances, an elder care service can take a load off you and your family! Contact us today and see what your options are for getting your senior the help they need! 


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