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Signs That It May Be Time to Hire Elder Care

March 28, 2024

Navigating life as a senior is not always easy and as someone gets older they may be able to do less than they used to. Things become a challenge and it is not always easy to ask for help. This is when it becomes crucial to be observant about the way your loved one is living. Here are some clues that your loved one may need more help from someone like elder care.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain

No one should be body shaming a senior but you do need to observe any drastic weight changes. A senior who loses too much weight can have serious health issues and a senior who gains too much weight in a short amount of time may also suffer from health issues. If a senior is losing weight they may not be eating enough either because they are having a hard time cooking for themselves or even grocery shopping. If they have gained an unhealthy amount of weight it could be because they are eating too many prepacked foods. Any kind of weight change is nothing to judge but it could be a sign they need more help around their home and preparing fresh meals throughout the week. The healthier a senior eats the better they will feel and the healthier weight they will maintain.

Losing Someone 

If your elderly mom or dad has just lost their spouse or family member they may need more help around their home. It can be a hard thing to think about but the older someone gets the more likely they are to lose someone close to them. Losing someone doesn’t always mean a senior needs more help but it also depends on how well they handle this new loss and what the other person provided in the house.

Lack of Personal Hygiene 

Sometimes a senior stops caring for their personal hygiene and they may not notice things are going downhill. A senior may stop showering because they don’t know they smell or they fell out of a routine, they may be scared to jump in the shower, or they may struggle with aftercare. If you start noticing they are not showering as much as they used to, it is time to think about elder care and how a professional can help your senior loved one.

Clutter Around the Home

Clutter around the home may not seem like a very big deal but the truth is it can cause a senior to fall and get hurt. If things start piling up and a senior is no longer able to take care of it they may need an extra set of hands. Your loved one may need help doing things like laundry or doing the dishes and these tasks can help keep an organized home. A senior should never have things on the floor or lying about because it can cause them to trip and fall and hurt themselves.

Developing a Chronic Health Condition

Many seniors develop chronic health conditions over the years and most people can manage their health just fine. However, sometimes a condition can make it harder to do household chores or they may need to go to their doctors more often and skip them due to lack of transportation. If your senior needs help with the basics, elder care can help.

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