Bleeding Under a Senior’s Skin

February 5, 2024

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Skin is one of the most important organs as we age, and unfortunately, as someone gets older, the skin becomes more fragile. This is why it can be so important to develop healthy habits with skin and a good routine before someone ages. It is common for elderly people to experience bleeding under the skin, but it may be something unnerving for you to see, especially if it is not something you are used to witnessing. Here is everything you and elder care need to know about it and how to help your loved one who experiences this.

What Does Bleeding Under the Skin Mean?

Bleeding under the skin isn’t always a bad sign; sometimes, it just indicates that your senior is losing more collagen, and it’s impacting their body. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of other things it could be. Sometimes, people with cancer will have blood spots, arthritis, lupus, and other diseases to be aware of. Keep in mind that bleeding under the skin doesn’t mean someone for sure has these diseases, but it could be a side effect or an underlying cause. It is important for all seniors to talk to their primary care doctor and to be honest about what they are experiencing. The better communication a senior has with their doctor, the higher the quality of life they can live while aging in place. If they need help remembering everything they have experienced if given the right permission, elder care can attend doctors' appointments to help give doctor notes and keep them updated on what is going on in a senior's life.

Is This Something Super Serious?

The good thing is that this doesn’t always mean something serious is going on with a senior's health. It is something to keep an eye on. It can be serious if they have another issue or chronic illness they are battling. Even if you don’t believe it is serious, it is something a doctor should still know about their patient. It won’t impact their daily lives and won’t cause them an early death if it is from a lack of collagen. When you are caring for an elderly loved one, it is so important to not get overly worried or react negatively until you know if something is life-threatening. Being calm and patient are two of the most important characteristics when caring for a senior loved one.

How Can Bleeding Under the Skin Be Treated?

Luckily, there are several ways for bleeding under the skin to be treated, and they’re usually not painful at all. Elder care may need to help remind seniors to take their medications or remind them of times they should put on lotions so they can become fully healed, but usually, the treatment options are easy!

  • Topical Retinoids - This is a type of medication that can help thicken the skin. As someone gets older, their skin thins, which can cause more bleeding under the skin.
  • Pain Medications - If a senior doctor allows it, a senior may need to take pain medications. This may help them manage any swelling or pain around the areas.
  • Clothing - Seniors should wear protective clothing that will help them prevent bleeding under the skin. Elder care can help a senior get dressed every day, ensuring they are wearing protective clothes.

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