What Should You Keep in a Caregiving Notebook?

January 20, 2021

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A caregiving notebook might sound intimidating, but it can be as simple as a spiral notebook or a three-ring binder with divider tabs in it to keep everything organized. This is really a space for you and for anyone else who needs it so that they’ve got information easily at hand for just about anything that might come up while caring for your elderly family member. It’s also portable and easy to take to doctor’s appointments. 

Eating Habits and Food Intake 

Your senior’s favorite foods and the foods she really doesn’t like are important to keep track of, both for now and for future meal planning. There may also be times when you need to keep a food diary of sorts so that you know what and how much she’s eating, as well as how she tolerates those foods. This may also be a space to track water intake. 

Symptoms and Health Issues 

When your elderly family member has health issues, she may experience a variety of symptoms that need to be tracked. Taking notes on these daily can help you to spot changes and gives you a record that you can share with her doctor. If you’re tracking things like medication side effects, this is a great place to keep that information. 

Safety Concerns 

Most family caregivers do regular safety checks. This means you find big issues and small ones, but they all need to be managed. Either type of issue might be postponed for a variety of reasons, but you definitely don’t want to forget them. Keeping a running list is crucial so that you have the information when you need it. You should also keep track of what safety concerns you delegate and what the status is on fixing those items. 

Anything Else You Need or Want to Track 

There are countless other things that you might need or want to track. Daily notes from elderly care providers are important to have handy, for instance. Your caregiving notebook might change over time, and as your senior’s needs and health change. That’s completely normal and it allows you to keep tabs on whatever is most important at that time. 

When you’re working with elderly care providers, this is also a space where they can share information with you. That way everyone who is helping your senior has the information they need to keep meeting her needs as well as possible. 


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