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What Does it Mean to Take a Break as a Caregiver?

February 22, 2018

Some caregivers hear the phrase "take a break" and have no idea what they should be doing. If they're not being a caregiver, what are they doing and being?Caregiver in Santa Cruz CA: Taking a Break Caregiver in Santa Cruz CA: Taking a BreakLook for Ways to Laugh.Whether you enjoy reading books that make you laugh or watching TV shows that you find hysterical, make the time to do those things. Laughter is truly the best medicine and if you're not laughing much, you need to change that up. Make a list of what makes you laugh and then when you're not feeling so amused, refer back to the list and get to laughing.Do Things You Love Doing.When you're a caregiver, there are a lot of activities you enjoy that fall by the wayside. Start reacquainting yourself with those activities and hobbies so that you can do them more often. If you can't remember hobbies you love, then this is a perfect time to start trying new hobbies until you find the right one for you.Cherish Your Relationships.The people in your life that you love are still there, even if you don't see them as much as you want to. Reach out to them and rebuild those relationships. Keep in mind that you don't have to spend hours catching up, either. A few quick texts here and there can remind the people that you love that you're there and that you still want to be a part of their lives.Pamper Yourself.You may not remember what it's like to pamper yourself, either. But there has to be something that reminds you that you matter. That might be taking your morning cup of tea on the back porch to watch the sun rise or it might be taking a bubble bath. No matter what your idea of pampering is, start indulging again.Just Get Away for a While.If you're like most caregivers, you find it difficult to leave the house for any length of time. Grab your favorite book and go to the park or to a coffee shop. Just get out of the house for a little while without doing something like running errands or going to the grocery store. As you gain more practice at taking time for yourself, you'll gradually relearn what it's like to focus on your own needs and enjoyment. Give yourself the time that you need in order to really embrace what time away from caregiving can do for you.

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