Caregiver Celebrations!

December 27, 2023

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Gas Card Giveaway

Every month we draw our caregivers to give out a gas card. We know gas prices are fluctuating, so we want to give some relief at the pump.

This month goes to Erika M.!

Safety Star

For January, we would like to acknowledge Yolanda C. as our Safety Star. Thank you, Yolanda, for working to maintain the safety of your clients. We are grateful for everything that you do!

Caregiver of the Month

For January, we would like to celebrate Lourdes D. as our Caregiver of the Month. Thank you, Lourdes, for everything that you do for your clients. We appreciate you!

Birthdays in January

Sam Sam A

Amira A

Kaltoon A

Pamela B

Vilma D

Edgardo D

Martha E

Rishan G

Nimo H

Kidisti K

Maria M

Thiri M

Beatriz O

Lourdes R

Selamawit R

Hanna W

January Remembrances

January 11:International Thank You Day.

January 15:MLK JR Day

January 27:International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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