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Can Your Elderly Loved One Donate Blood for National Volunteer Blood Donor Month?

January 27, 2021

Caregiver Los Gatos, CA: Blood Donor Month

January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. This is a time where many organizations are sponsoring blood drives. They often encourage new people to donate blood, as well. Donating blood is a great cause and most people are encouraged to do it. There are some reasons why your elderly loved one should donate blood during National Volunteer Blood Donor Month.  

Short Supply 

One of the first reasons why your elderly loved one should donate blood in January is because there is often a shorter supply of blood donations during the winter months. This is because many of the donors who regularly donate blood are either sick, away for the holidays, or not able to travel due to the weather. However, there still remains a high number of people who need blood transfusions. Cancer patients, victims of car accidents, recipients of organ transplants, and others need blood transfusions. 

Saving Lives 

Another great reason for your elderly loved one to donate their blood for National Volunteer Blood Donor Month is that they get to save lives. Even if your elderly loved one only donates their blood one time, this pint of blood can help to save 1, 2, or even 3 lives. Between the red blood cells, platelets, and plasma in the blood, there are so many patients needing treatment.  

Getting a Mini Physical  

Your elderly loved one may also want to donate blood because they are able to get a mini physical. Each time someone signs up to donate their blood, the phlebotomist will check their pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and hemoglobin levels. This is all done prior to the donation. If these levels aren’t normal, your elderly loved one will be advised to check in with their doctor. In addition, your elderly loved one will be told if they have any infectious diseases.  


There are so many reasons why people choose to donate blood. January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. If your elderly loved one would like to donate blood, they can sign up to do so. If they do quality, they could help with the short supply, save lives, and get a mini physical for themselves, as well. Even if your elderly loved one doesn’t qualify, the health reason would be caught. Then, your loved one can get the treatments they need from their doctor. However, if all goes well, your elderly loved one may be able to donate blood more than once. 


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