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Bathroom Remodel Upgrades That Help Your Mom Age at Home

March 18, 2020

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For whatever reason, your mom doesn't move around as well as she did. She may have arthritis that slows her down. She may have fallen and caused a slow-healing injury. To keep her safe as her mobility changes, you're looking into a bathroom remodel. 


The bathroom is one room where the money that's spent improves the home's value. If it's time to remodel her bathroom, consider these upgrades that make it easier for your mom to remain independent in her home. 


Consider a Walk-In Tub 


Walk-in tubs run a few thousands dollars usually, but they can be very helpful to your mom. Instead of climbing over the side of a bathtub, she opens a door. That door seals tight to prevent water leaking out and becomes a sit-down shower with a handheld showerhead or a soaking tub with jets. 


Get a Taller Toilet 


To make it easier for your mom to sit down and stand up after using the toilet, purchase a taller toilet. A few inches of height can be very helpful if your mom has a harder time standing up from a sitting position. 


Switch to Lever Handles and Faucets 


Lever-style door handles are easier for someone with arthritis to use. You can use them without having to grip them. You can use your wrist to push it down and pull the door towards you. 


You also want lever faucets that are also easier to manipulate when joint pain is present. You can even find motion-detecting faucets that turn on with a wave of a hand. If your mom has severe joint pain, one of these options is going to help her. 


Install Grab Bars 


Grab bars are a must. They need to be installed vertically and horizontally within the bathtub/shower area and on the outside wall. When your mom is getting in and out of the tub or shower, she'll have a supportive bar to rely on. 


You also need grab bars near the toilet. If you're worried about losing space for towel racks, there's a solution. Purchase double-tiered grab bars that offer space for towels to hang and still have a grab bar for support. 


Add a Handheld Showerhead 


Purchase a handheld showerhead. If your mom needs to take a shower from a seated position, the handheld showerhead comes down to her level. It makes showering of hard-to-reach areas a lot easier. 


Instead of leaving her alone all week while you're at work, consider caregivers. They can come to your mom's home, help her with daily tasks, and keep her company. She'll have caregivers for companionship and to cook meals, clean the home, and do many other daily chores. Call a home care agency to arrange caregiver services. 


If you or your loved one is looking for a Caregiver in Redwood City, CA, please call Familiar Surroundings Home Care. 

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