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Tips for Relieving Arthritis-Related Pain for Your Elderly Loved One

August 19, 2020

Home Care in Redwood City, CA: Relieving Arthritis-Related Pain

Does your elderly loved one have arthritis? If so, depending on the severity of their arthritis, they could have pain that ranges from mild to severe. Many people who have arthritis decide that moving around will make their pain worse. However, that is not always the case. There are many tips for relieving arthritis-related pain for your elderly loved one.  

Don’t Sit Still for Long 

Your elderly loved one will need to sit still at some point throughout the day. However, they should not sit still for long. It is important that they keep their joints moving, so they don’t get tense. If your elderly loved one experiences intense, sharp pain, they shouldn’t move much and should tell their doctor. Otherwise, doing light stretches will help them to feel a bit better. 

More Physical Activity  

Your elderly loved one can do more physical activity to relieve arthritis-related pain. The exercise and activities they do shouldn’t put too much pressure on their joints. Your elderly loved one should focus more on mobility and moving instead of intensity. Before deciding on an exercise plan, your loved one should speak to their doctor to ensure the exercises are safe for them.  


In some instances, medication will be needed to help manage arthritis-related pain. There are many medications that your loved one can get over-the-counter including Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and other types of medications. You can have your loved one talk to their doctor about creams and ointments, too.  

Quit Smoking 

Cigarettes have toxins in them. If your elderly loved one is a smoker, this can cause stress on their connective tissues. This stress can lead to increased pain for arthritis patients. If your elderly loved one needs help to quit smoking, there are different products and programs that could help them.  

Mental Health Help 

Arthritis pain can cause people to become depressed and anxious. It can impact one’s mental health in numerous ways. If your elderly loved one is having mental health issues due to their arthritis, be sure they speak to their doctor. They might need treatments for their depression and/or anxiety. 


There are numerous tips that can help your elderly loved one relieve the pain that is associated with their arthritis. Sometimes arthritis can cause mild pain and other arthritis patients experience more severe pain. No matter what the situation is for your elderly loved one, the tips that are mentioned here today could help them to relieve their pain. 


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