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Are You Still Struggling with Tough Decisions as a Caregiver?

October 2, 2019

Difficult decisions don’t ever really become easy to make, even for experienced caregivers. That’s why they earn the title of “difficult” in the first place. But you can do a little bit of preparation and avoid jumping into a decision too quickly. Very few decisions have to be made immediately, which means you can slow down for a few minutes and do a little more digging.

Make Sure to Do Some Information Gathering at the Outset

You can’t make any decision, even an easy one, in an information vacuum. So the first step is always going to be gathering as much information as you can right from the beginning. If you’re a brand-new caregiver, this might feel like an intimidating step but it will serve you well. Talk to your senior’s doctor and do a bit of digging. Take notes and make sure you ask any questions that you have about the information you’re finding.

Get Your Senior’s Opinion, if You Can

Your senior is always going to fare better with choices. If it’s at all possible to find out how she feels about whatever decision you need to make, give her the chance to pitch in. She will appreciate that you’re giving her that opportunity and you can make sure that whatever you’re deciding is in line with what she would want.

Find Other Sources of Help and Support

If you’ve got other sources of support and assistance on which you can lean, do so. Other family members may have been through a similar decision, for instance, and they can let you know what they learned. If you’re a member of a caregiver support group, ask questions there. You can get a lot more support than you think you can from other people.

Remind Yourself That You’re Making the Best Decision You Can

It’s really important for you to remember that as difficult as this decision is, you’re doing the best that you can to make it a positive one. If you’re beating yourself up over this, that’s not going to do you or your aging family member any good at all. Take it easy on yourself and give yourself some grace.

This won’t be the last difficult decision you need to make for your senior. As her caregiver, there are going to be plenty of these types of situations, and you’ll need to remain calm throughout. The good news is that as you gain experience in caregiving, you’ll feel a little less uncertain.

Excerpt: Tough decisions are part and parcel of caregiving at times.


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