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Can Elder Care Benefit a Senior in the Final Stage of Alzheimer's Disease?

September 11, 2018

The final stage of Alzheimer's disease, also referred to as late stage or advanced Alzheimer's disease, can be a devastating and challenging time for you as both your senior's family caregiver, and their adult child. The challenges and symptoms during this time are extensive, and they will require care 24 hours a day. The services of an elder care provider can be invaluable during this time, both for your parent, and for you.Elder Care in Redwood City CA: Care in the Final Stage of Alzheimer's Disease Elder Care in Redwood City CA: Care in the Final Stage of Alzheimer's DiseaseSome of the ways elder care can benefit a senior in the final stage of Alzheimer's disease include:
  • Giving you time away from the care needs of your aging parent so you can focus on your own needs, and those of your family.
  • Allowing you to focus more energy and attention on spending quality time with your parent, making memories with them, and processing their impending end-of-life transition.
  • Providing your parent with more companionship and stimulation. Even if your parent does not respond, and seems unaware of their surroundings, many believe talking to and interacting with them can be beneficial and meaningful.
  • Handling sensitive tasks such as toileting and bathing when they are too difficult or emotionally challenging for you to handle on your own.
  • Helping keep up with germ control in your parent's surroundings to reduce the risk of infections such as pneumonia, which can be even more detrimental during this stage.
  This final stage of the disease is likely to be very difficult for you, and it is important you do not lose sight of your own needs. Participating in a support group for family caregivers of those with Alzheimer's disease gives you a place to express yourself, vent your emotions, receive advice, and get the support and encouragement you need to get through this challenging time. Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult who is living with Alzheimer's disease can be extremely challenging. The final stage can be particularly difficult as you deal not just with the challenges your parent is facing, and the prospect of the end of their life, but also your own emotions and difficulties. Starting elder care can be a meaningful and compassionate choice for both of you during this time. The customized services of an elderly home care services provider support your parent, but also give you a valuable source of support and encouragement that relieves your stress and allows you to focus on coping and preparing to move forward.

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