You Can Help an Elderly Person to Quit Smoking

Elderly Care Redwood City CA:
You Can Help an Elderly Person to Quit Smoking 

Martin is taking care of his aging father and is concerned about his health. His father has several chronic illnesses and struggles with pain. He is also plagued with lots of lung issues, mostly due to smoking. Martin knows that if his father would quit smoking, his health would improve greatly for both short-term and long-term wellness. However, Martin’s father has been smoking for decades and is doubtful he can ever break the habit.

Martin and his father went to the doctor for insight on how to quit smoking. With certain medications, quitting aides and plenty of support, Martin and his father embarked on the difficult task of quitting smoking.

Millions of seniors successfully quit smoking each year, but it is no easy task. As they learn about all the health benefits that come with quitting smoking, it’s a strong motivation to leave the bad habit behind. Family caregivers, elderly care providers and friends can assist the aging adult in breaking the habit by being supportive and not enabling the senior in sliding back into smoking.

Here are some tips that family caregivers and elderly care providers might need to know as they assist an aging adult in quitting smoking:

Find Professional Help: There are all kinds of support groups for those who wish to quit smoking. A support group is a good place to start, as they will have others going through the same thing, plus resources that can help an elderly adult break the habit.

Work with a Doctor: There are many medical treatment options when it comes to quitting smoking. Prescription medication and quitting aids like patches and nicotine gum can also help reduce the cravings for cigarettes. Doctors are happy to help senior patients with this admirable goal and will help as much as they can.

Develop Substitute Behaviors: One important key to quitting smoking is to do other things when the senior is craving a cigarette. Many people chew gum, eat hard candy or crunch on ice or chips. Family caregivers and elderly care providers can carry snacks with them so when cravings hit, they can help the aging adult through it.

Prepare for Bad Days: The hardest part about quitting smoking is the inevitableness of giving in to temptation. Few people can quit all at once without some mistakes. When seniors experience setbacks on their journey to quit smoking, they will need encouragement from family caregivers and elderly care providers to let them know that mistakes are normal, and they must get up and going again.

With help, aging adults who want to quit smoking can be successful. Not only will they eliminate a bad habit that affects their health and wellness, but they will look and feel better. Family caregivers and elderly care providers need to be strong for the aging adult and help them in every possible way to quit smoking.

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