Ways to Keep Your Parents’ Dog Tick and Flea Free This Summer

Elderly Care Redwood City, CA: Flea and Tick Free This Summer

Allergies to flea bites are one problem people encounter. There are other risks. Both fleas and ticks can transmit diseases that are dangerous. Fleas can transmit typhus. Ticks carry Lyme, ehrlichiosis, and spotted fever.

The best way to prevent the disease is by keeping the insects out of the home. If a pet spends time outside, they could easily pick up fleas and ticks while on a walk or laying around the grass. Spending time with other animals allows fleas to spread. Try these tricks for keeping your parent’s dog tick and flea free.

Topical Medications

Topical flea and tick medications do a good job in ridding the pet of ticks and fleas. Most medications kill the insect if they try to bite. It also stops the fast flea life cycle.

This type of medication can be purchased from a veterinarian or purchased from a pet supply store. They need to be applied once a month.

Chewable Medications

Monthly chewables may be a better option for your parents. They can get the prescription from a veterinarian. As an added benefit, some of these medications also add heartworm protection.

Flea and Tick Collar

There’s a newer flea and tick collar that provides protection for up to eight months. This is a good option for pet owners that have a hard time remembering to apply or give monthly medications.

Brush or Bathe After Being Outside

When your parents’ dog is outside for an extended period, brush them with a flea comb before allowing them into more than the entryway. If there is no flea comb available, a fine-toothed comb works well. After a walk in the woods, you could bathe your parent’s dog and remove any insects that are crawling on them.

Keep the Pet Out of Tall Grass

Ticks tend to hang on long blades of grass or plant stems where they can crawl onto a host. If possible, keep your parents’ lawn mowed short and keep the pet out of tall grass. Your parent may benefit from having an elderly care aide as a companion for walks. This way someone is there to remind your mom or dad to keep the pet out of the taller grass where ticks are present.

In addition to companionship, caregivers assist elderly homeowners with laundry, linen changeovers, cooking, and other household chores. Call an elderly care agency to discuss other services designed your help your parents age at home.

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