Kim D.

Hi: I just wanted to give you a special thanks for visiting my parents, Harold and Mary, today with an apple pie, a card, and a warm personal visit on Veteran’s Day. I’m actually not sure who came by, I’m guessing it was Cindy, but I may be wrong. It meant a lot to them… and to me, as their daughter living in another town, who can’t be there on all the memorable days. Our WWII veterans are few and far between these days and it was such a delight to be recognized. I really feel it was above and beyond my expectations and so continue to do the great work that you’re doing which allows our elderly to stay at home with a little extra support. Beverly has done a great job working with my dad and helping my mom feel at ease with her care and helpfulness. I’m so appreciative of you all there at Familiar Surroundings.

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