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Things Strangers Have Done in Random Acts of Kindness

February 3, 2020

Home Care Santa Cruz, CA: Random Acts of Kindness

While it's an unofficial national holiday, National Random Acts of Kindness Day is one of the most important days of the year. It's a day where the goal is to make a random person feel good. Hopefully, they're inspired to pass it on and keep the momentum going. 


February 17th is the day when you're encouraged to go out and do something random for a stranger. Here are some of the things people have done on National Random Acts of Kindness Day or randomly throughout the year. 


Buying Food for a Hungry Family 

An Arkansas couple was stopped by store management for shoplifting. When police showed up, the officer realized the family was struggling and simply needed food for their kids. He had no choice but to arrest the dad for the crime, but he insisted on buying the groceries so that the mom and child were going home with food to put on the table.


The Construction Worker Angel 

One construction worker was right on the cusp of retirement and wasn't sure he was ready. He heard that a family in his neighborhood was having a hard time finding jobs. The dad was in construction and couldn't find any openings. He opted to retire and referred his boss to that stranger in his neighborhood. That dad landed that job thanks to the kindness of the newly retired neighbor. 


The Kind College Professor 

In a random act of kindness that went viral, a Georgia Gwinnett College professor learned that a student was about to miss a second class due to the lack of a babysitter. The professor allowed the student mom to bring the infant to class and also carried the baby around for the lecture to allow the mom to focus on taking notes.  


Help Your Parents Without Them Having to Ask 

Throughout the year, take time to help your parents out. Don't wait for them to ask. If you know they struggle to clean their pool, show up and do it without asking. If they have a hard time preparing healthy meals, make some healthy casseroles and freeze them. Drop them off with instructions on how to reheat. 

Have you asked your parents if home care services could help? They could have caregivers stopping by every now and then to cook meals, clean the home, or help with laundry. A home care agency can share the full list of possible services with your family. 


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