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Walking Safely on Slippery Sidewalks

February 5, 2014

799941                      Although the wintertime in Northern California doesn't bring any snow, it does bring rain. If you have elderly loved ones who live on their own, this can be a stressful time for you, especially if your loved ones are still trying to maintain an independent lifestyle. Walking on wet and slippery sidewalks can be difficult at times even for people who are young or in shape, but it can be downright dangerous for an elderly individual who has a hard enough time maintaining his or her balance as it is. If your elderly loved ones aren't ready for the supervision of an in-home caregiver, share these tips with them about walking on slippery sidewalks.Wear Good ShoesBefore you head out on a walk during or after a rain storm, make sure to wear shoes with sturdy soles and good tread. Walking on slippery sidewalks with shoes that have become smooth on the bottom can be like walking on ice skates.Keep Your Balance Place your feet fully on the ground as you walk, and keep your arms out at your side and slightly extended. Try to imagine someone walking on a tightrope and maintaining balance with his or her arms. This will help you keep your balance while you walk on wet or slippery sidewalks.Walk with a PartnerIt can help to walk with a cane or some sort of walking device, but nothing beats walking with a friend. If you don’t have anyone to keep you company while you check the mail or walk to the corner store for groceries, your in-home caregiver can assist you and make sure you stay on your feet. Familiar Surroundings Home Care provides quality in-home care for senior citizens in the San Jose area. Visit our website to learn about the in-home care services we provide, or call us at (408) 600-0016 to speak with one of our trained caregivers today.