How to Start Planning a Daily Routine

June 21, 2016

Senior Care in Palo Alto CA

Before you actually start putting a daily routine into practice, you need to sit down and plan it out. Sometimes when you put a schedule on paper you can see where the problems are before you try Senior-Care-in-Palo-Alto-CAto implement it. Also, try to remember that a daily routine should be more of a help than a schedule that you absolutely must keep.Make a List of Your Loved One's Likes and DislikesWhen it comes to planning a useful daily routine, the first thing that you need to make note of is your loved one's preferences. From there, you can allow more time for the things that she enjoys and try to schedule the activities that she doesn't like less often or at a time that she's better able to handle that activity.Take into Account How Your Loved One's Day Used to Be StructuredIn the past, your loved one might have been an early riser who tackled her most difficult tasks before the morning was over. That could still be her preference now, which would make it easier for your to develop a routine.Pay Attention to the Best Time of Day for Your Loved OneIn addition to preferences, your loved one may simply function better at a certain time of day than at other times of the day. For example, if your loved one has Alzheimer's disease, mornings might be much easier for her than afternoons and evenings are.Allow Plenty of Time for Each ActivityParticularly for activities that are more difficult for your loved one or that she doesn't enjoy, try to leave a little bit of extra time for each activity you schedule. It might also help if you leave a bit of padding to account for good days versus bad days.Remember to Put Yourself in the PlanOften family caregivers neglect to account for themselves in their loved one's daily plan. Is there a time when you could grab a nap or squeeze in some time for meditation? It's really important that you plan for yourself as well so that you aren't overlooking your own needs. Remember that even if your loved one spends the majority of her day with a senior care provider, a routine can help to break up the day more efficiently.

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