Helping an Elderly Adult with Memory Loss Comply with Senior Care

December 21, 2016

Senior Care in Palo Alto CA

Caring for a senior with memory loss can be a tremendous challenge and the vast majority of caregivers will at some point recognize that they need additional support and assistance. Starting Senior-Care-in-Palo-Alto-CAsenior care for them can be the ideal solution. As with other elements of their lives now that they are dealing with these challenges, however, understanding and complying with their new care can be difficult for your senior. Helping them to understand and effectively work with the care provider is critical to them getting the most benefit from the arrangement you have established for them.   Use these tips to help your elderly adult with memory loss comply with their senior care:
  • Talk about them regularly. Your elderly adult will often follow your lead when it comes to responding to a situation. If you make their care provider seem like a normal and consistent part of their lives, they are more likely to feel this way about them, and are more likely to remember and follow through with the care routine. Talk about the care provider when you visit or check in on your parent. Ask them questions about their care and express your happiness that your parent is getting benefits from the relationship.
  • Have the care provider wear a nametag. Request that the care provider always wear their nametag. This will not only remind your parent of their professional status, but it gives them the opportunity to refresh their memory on their name so that they do not feel uncomfortable if they are uncertain about it.
  • Establish a consistent routine. Work with your parent to establish a consistent routine that they can follow with their care provider. This should include the care provider arriving at the same time, announcing themselves and their position, and going right into the same activity, whether it is preparing breakfast, starting their bath, getting them ready for bed, or some other step in the day. This will make your parent feel more at ease and give them milestones to anticipate so that they are more capable of and willing to comply with the care.
  If your elderly loved one is coping with memory loss, now is the ideal time for you to consider senior care for them. A senior home care services provider can create a highly personalized course of care and assistance tailored to addressing their individual needs, challenges, and limitations, including helping them to cope with their memory loss. These services can help your parent modify their daily tasks so that they can manage their memory loss and prepare for the future progression of these symptoms. This can give them greater confidence and enable them to maintain more independence as they age in place. As their family caregiver, this can help you to feel more at ease that your loved one is living the quality of life that you know that they deserve and getting all of the care that they need to remain safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy throughout their aging years.  

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