Finding the Right Home Care Provider for Your Loved One

October 5, 2016

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If your loved one is finding it difficult to care for themselves anymore, it may be time to hire a home care provider. However, it may be overwhelming to research and determine which caregiver would be the right one for your elderly parent’s needs. There may be hundreds or thousands of qualified home care providers in your loved one’s area, but here are some tips to finding the perfect one to keep your loved one company, while also giving them the care they need.
  • Think about the elder’s needs. What tasks can the senior still do? Which ones do they need help with? Make a thorough list of all of the responsibilities that will be required of the caregiver in order to make sure you hire someone who is able to help the elder with all of those tasks. You should also take into consideration if the elder will need around-the-clock care or if they will need a licensed home nurse practitioner.
  • Ask plenty of questions. Since this person will be spending a lot of time with the senior, it is important you get to know them a little better, as well as what their qualifications are. Before meeting each candidate for the job, come up with a list of questions to ask them. Each provider will have a different fee, so it is important that you also ask how much their services will cost you or your loved one.
  • Spend time with the in-home care provider. Once you have narrowed down the type of caregiver you would like for your aging parent, it is time to find out how well they get along with the elder. Start off slowly by having the caregiver over for coffee, allowing the two to get to know one another. Then, when the elder is more comfortable, invite the potential caregiver over for the afternoon to observe how well they care for your loved one. Watching the home care provider with the elder will be a good indication of how well they will get along when you are not in the room.
  Even if you decide which candidate to hire, do not think that it has to be a permanent situation. In fact, if you or the elder are not happy with the home care provider, feel free to keep looking until you do find one you like. A senior care agency will be able to help you find the perfect candidates for the job.

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