Five Tips for When Your Senior Doesn't Want Your Advice

October 2, 2018

Although you know you have the best advice possible for your aging adult, you may be shocked to find that she disagrees. In fact, she might be downright resistant to some of your ideas.Elderly Care in Atherton CA: Tips for When Your Senior Doesn't Want Your Advice Elderly Care in Atherton CA: Tips for When Your Senior Doesn't Want Your AdviceHow Urgent Is the Situation?Some situations that you feel are urgent might not actually be that urgent in reality. If the problem involves your senior's safety, that's likely something that you might need to make an executive decision about. If the situation isn't one that is immediately urgent, though, you may need to take a step back.Practice Acceptance.What this means is that you're going to need to learn to accept some of the situations that you don't necessarily like. You can take care of your aging adult, but you can't make her do certain things. Your senior is, after all, an adult and you do need to remember that at times.Ask and Listen.One of the best ways for you to start to understand why your senior is resisting is to ask her to explain. When she does, make sure that you're listening with your full attention. Even if she doesn't give you the answer you want, you can get information that you need in order to keep making the best decisions possible for her.Develop a Contingency Plan.Your senior isn't interested in what you have to say right now, but you still need a plan. Elderly care providers can help you to anticipate what might be coming next and they can help you to prepare for that. Make sure also that you talk with her medical team to ensure that you have the fullest picture possible.Find Another Way to Vent Your Feelings.This type of situation is extremely frustrating for you. You can see what needs to be done, but you can't force your senior to agree with you. You will definitely need to find a way to vent your frustration and other feelings that doesn't involve taking those emotions out on your aging adult. Phone a friend or join a support group who can help you to deal with what's going on. Just because your aging adult isn't open to your words of wisdom right now, that doesn't mean she'll always be against your ideas. Her opinions can change and she may realize that something you've suggested is actually a good solution. You may need to just give her some time to look at the situation from a different perspective.

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