Elderly Care: Foods That Will Increase the Blood Platelet Count of Seniors

October 6, 2015

Senior Care in Palo Alto CA

A healthy amount of blood platelets that elders should have is between 150,000 and 450,000 for every microliter of circulating blood. However, when the blood platelets die faster than they areSenior-Care-Palo-Alto-CA produced, the result is a low blood platelet count, also known as Thrombocytopenia. With a low blood platelet count, the blood will be unable to clot after an injury, which could have life-threatening repercussions. This can occur from a wide variety of health conditions, including arthritis, chemotherapy, or a weak immune system and have the following symptoms:
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Internal bleeding
  • Petechiae, which happens when the blood platelet count gets so low that tiny red dots form underneath the skin
  • Excessive bruising
If you are caring for an older adult who is receiving in-home care, there is one thing that can be done to increase the platelets in the bloodstream - eat. Some foods have the nutrients needed to supplement the missing platelets, including leafy greens, milk, protein, and folate. Here are some of the reasons why these foods should be incorporated into your loved one's diet for a healthy blood platelet count.Leafy greensVitamin K is needed by proteins in the body to help the blood clot and to stop any bleeding. Kale is an excellent source of vitamin K because one cup contains 547 micrograms; a healthy dose needed by men is 190 micrograms by men and 90 micrograms for women. All leafy, green veggies contain this vitamin, as well as vegetable oils and parsley.CalciumMilk does not only increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis, but has also been proven to boost blood platelet counts. Without consuming an adequate amount of calcium in combination with protein and vitamin K, blood will not be able to properly clot. Low-fat dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, as well as broccoli, almonds, and dark green, leafy vegetables are all excellent sources of calcium.FolateFolate, also known as vitamin B9, is needed to improve the platelet count. Adults need 400 micrograms of folate to help the cells grow and divide for an adequate number of blood platelets. Spinach, orange juice, lentils, lima beans, and chickpeas have an ample amount of folate.Lean proteins and fishA high protein diet is needed to increase the body's blood platelet count, which can be found in chicken, crab, oysters and turkey. These items also contain a high amount of vitamin B12 and zinc, which is also needed to increase blood platelets. The Platelet Disorder Support Association also recommends consuming an anti-inflammatory and macrobiotic diet to help increase platelets, which focuses on whole grains, vegetables, and beans. They also suggest avoiding alcohol, tobacco products, and foods containing quinine. By adding these foods to your loved one's diet, you will be helping them increase their platelet count for their health. If you or an aging loved one are looking for senior care services in Palo Alto, CA, please call Familiar Surroundings Home Care. Call today! Santa Clara County: (408) 600-2760 San Mateo County: (650) 458-0140 Santa Cruz County: (831) 325-0890 Bottom of Form Source Fisk, Michelle. Live Strong. "Foods to Increase Blood Platelets." 13 Apr 2015.

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