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5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Elderly Relatives

February 12, 2019

Just because a person is elderly doesn’t mean they skip over the excitement of fun holidays. Valentine’s Day is a time where people of all ages can express their feelings for others and receive love in return. However, with physical and mental health issues, many seniors don’t get to participate in Valentine’s day events like they used to.

Family caregivers can do a lot to bring the joy of Valentine’s Day into their elderly loved one’s life with just a little advanced planning and help from family members and home care providers. Here are 5 Valentine’s Day ideas that are perfect for seniors, no matter what their age, abilities or interests.

Home Care in Menlo Park CA: 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Elderly Relatives

1. Decorations Make the Magic.

One of the best parts of any holiday is surrounding a living space with festive decorations. Elderly adults will get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day when family caregivers or home care providers help them decorate their home. Simple decorations include pink, white, and red paper chain garlands and cut-outs of hearts. Discount and dollar stores also carry inexpensive décor at affordable prices.

2. Make Valentine’s Day Cards.

Put a grown-up spin on the fun tradition of sending Valentine’s Day cards along in the mail. Seniors can take the time to write notes of appreciation to loved ones near and far. Expand the circle of giving by including home care providers, neighbors, and people in the community such as police officers or teachers.

3. Bake and Deliver Treats.

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with sweet treats, from chocolates to cookies. Elderly adults can have some creative fun in their own kitchens making treats for loved ones or others. Even seniors that don’t bake like they used to can frost and decorate cookies made by family caregivers or home care providers. As a fun Valentine’s Day outing, aging adults can dress in their best and accompany family caregivers or home care providers to deliver their treats to neighbors, family, and friends.

4. Host a Gathering.

Many seniors report that they are lonelier than they were when they were younger, and there’s no better excuse to gather friends and family than a holiday party. It doesn’t have to be a big soiree. In fact, an afternoon tea, evening potluck, or brunch works just as well. Aging adults can invite friends over for food and games, watch sports, or do crafts together. Socializing with loved ones is an excellent way to boost spirits and share love.

5. Watch a Romantic Comedy.

There are many movies, both modern and classic, that set the standard for romance. Valentine’s Day is a fine time to revisit old favorites or discover something new. There are all kinds of movie lists on the internet, and family caregivers or home care providers can help seniors rent, buy, or stream the romantic movie of their choice.

It may seem like no big deal to downplay Valentine’s Day with aging adults, but the truth is that it doesn’t take much effort for family caregivers to plan some fun and festive things to let their elderly loved one know that they really care.

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