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5 Tips to Help Protect the Eyes of a Woman that You Love

March 30, 2016

Caregiver in Belmont CA

April is devoted to Women's Eye Health and Safety and whether you're a family caregiver or you care for an elderly loved one who is female, it's time to look carefully at her eye health now and inCaregiver-in-Belmont-CA the future. Your loved one's doctor and eye doctor are a great place to start. If you've been neglecting your own eye health, take the time this month to protect your own eyes.Schedule Routine Eye CareWomen are notorious for putting the needs of their loved ones ahead of their own needs, and eye care is one place where that habit needs to stop. Make sure that you schedule, and keep, eye appointments so that the eye doctor can check out anything that seems abnormal. It's not unusual for vision to change rapidly from one year to the next, too.Avoid Smoking  Smoking, even if it's just secondhand smoke, can do a lot of damage to eyes. It also increases the risk of some eye conditions, like cataracts. If you or your loved one currently smoke, work with a physician to work out a plan to quit. Even cutting down can do a lot of good for overall health, so don't worry about quitting completely right away.Sunglasses Are ToolsSunglasses are lovely and stylish, but they also serve a purpose. Look for sunglasses that offer protection from ultraviolet rays. They should be labeled clearly and they should let you know exactly what percentage of UV rays the lenses block.Eat Healthy Foods and Exercise RegularlyOverall, eating the right foods and getting enough exercise is great for your health. Stick with whole foods as much as possible since processed foods are often full of filler ingredients and things you don't want too much of, like sodium. Add plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to give yourself a balanced diet.Watch Out for HormonesHormone fluctuation, particularly estrogen and progesterone, over the years can change a lot about overall health for many women. These fluctuations can also affect your eyes, making them dryer than they should be or allowing the cornea to swell. If your doctor has you on a hormone replacement regimen, it's important to have your eyes checked regularly. Eye health is so very important, so guard it well.

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