4 Things Seniors Need to Consider when Choosing a Pet

November 6, 2015

Senior Care in Menlo Park CA

Among the best ways for seniors to get the companionship they are looking for is by getting a new pet. The world of pets is filled with so many different options, which will require the senior to doSenior-Care-Menlo-Park-CA a bit of research. Finding a vet in the area can help a senior make the right choice. When trying to make the right decision on which pet to get, a senior will need to make a few considerations. The more the senior is able to find out about what his needs are, the faster he will be able to choose the right pet.1.  How much time does the senior have?Caring for a pet takes commitment and time. Before seniors choose a pet, they will need to first think about the amount of time they have to invest in training, walking, etc... Is there an elderly care provider who can assist seniors in caring for their pet? Pets like a puppy or kitten need more attention, especially during the house training phase. For seniors, choosing a pet that is laid back and already house trained might be the best option.2.  Getting the right age petWhen trying to find the right pet, a senior will need to think about what age the pet should be. Having an older dog or cat can be beneficial for a senior due to their maturity level a lower energy level. Going to a pet rescue establishment is usually the best way for a senior to find an older pet that is in need of a new home.3.  The temperament of the petSeniors need to take notice of the pets they view at the pet rescues in their area. In most cases, a senior will want a pet that is gentle and not too hyper.  Consider a pet that is being fostered and talk to the animal's foster mom or dad about the pet's personality and temperament before choosing a pet.4.  The health of the petThe last thing that a senior needs is to inherit a pet with a lot of health problems. In most cases, an animal rescue or local vet will be able to give a senior an extensive breakdown on the pets they house and any issues they may have. Getting this information can help a senior get the right pet chosen in no time.   If you or an aging loved one are looking for senior care services in Menlo Park, CA, please call Familiar Surroundings Home Care. Call today! Santa Clara County: (408) 600-2760 San Mateo County: (650) 458-0140 Santa Cruz County: (831) 325-0890   Source http://www.petinsurance.com/healthzone/pet-articles/new-pets/10-Tips-for-Choosing-the-Right-Pet.aspx

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