Is Foot Care an Important Part of Your Mom’s Weekly Routine?

Elder Care Redwood City, CA: Seniors and Foot Care

Foot care is easily overlooked, yet it’s essential to your health. The feet take the brunt of your body’s weight while you move around. Some of the issues your mom may experience are blisters, calluses, ingrown toenails, and sore muscles, tendons, or ligaments. If this happens, walking around may seem impossible.

What Should She Be Doing to Care for Her Feet?

Weekly nail trims are important. She wants to keep her nails trimmed straight across to avoid the development of ingrown toenails. At the same time, she should be making sure her nails look healthy. If they seem dry and yellowing, she could have toenail fungus and should talk to her doctor.

Your mom needs to keep her feet moisturized to prevent dry, cracked skin. Heels are prone to cracking if they dry out. She doesn’t want those cracks getting infected. A liberal application of a foot and/or heel cream helps keep them moisturized.

She should check her feet for blisters and sores. If she notices blistered areas, it’s important to figure out if her shoes are too tight. If they’re new shoes that she’s breaking in, blister pads will help protect her feet from more friction that’s leading to the blisters. Blisters should be covered with some antibiotic cream and covered with a bandage while they heal.

Make sure she washes her feet each day. She needs to clean between her toes, too. When she’s done her shower, the feet should be completely dried. Padded socks with no-slip treads are great for around the house. If she’s going out, socks with moisture-wicking properties are ideal.

Shoes with rounded toes are better choices than some women’s dress shoes with very pointy toes. She doesn’t want her toes cramped or nails digging into neighboring toes. Sneakers and clogs may be more comfortable for her to wear on a daily basis. Look for shoes that have memory foam inserts for comfort.

Talk to Her Doctor About Chronic Health Conditions

Some chronic health conditions require her to be vigilant about foot care. If she has gout, her diet needs to change, and she’ll need to use care with her feet when a flare-up happens.

If your mom is diabetic, foot care is essential. Even if she’s not, she needs to care for her feet. Don’t let her overlook this. If it’s hard for her to moisturize her feet, check them for cuts and blisters, and trim her nails, hire elder care services.

Caregivers can help her with this essential personal care task. Call an agency to arrange foot care services.

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