Four Tricks You Can Use to Start Exercising Regularly

Caregiver Aptos CA: Four Tricks You Can Use to Start Exercising Regularly

You might have an intellectual understanding that exercise can net big benefits for you as a caregiver, but you might find that less motivational than you’d hoped. That can mean that it’s time to bring out the big tools to help you to commit to an exercise plan that works for you.

Find an Exercise Buddy

When someone else is depending on you that makes it easier to stick to your new routine. Find someone else in your life who wants to start exercising. Agree on a type of exercise and a plan for accountability. You can even do this with someone who lives far away. You can use video conferencing to work out together, no matter where you are.

Take Tiny Exercise Breaks All Day Long

If setting aside a half hour or even fifteen minutes every day feels intimidating, try taking mini breaks all day long and use those for exercise. Walk in place for five minutes multiple times a day and you’ve walked for half an hour or even longer. Combine different types of exercise, too. In the morning and evening, stretch. Add cardio in mini breaks all day long.

Make an Appointment You Can’t Cancel

If you’re someone who is motivated by your schedule and by appointments, setting an appointment makes this an activity that has to be done, no matter what. If that describes you, start setting appointments with yourself. This doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, but if it’s something that motivates you, this could be the one tip that pays off in the biggest way for you.

Blend Your Exercise Routine with Your Senior’s

For some caregivers, exercise buddies are not available. But you still have someone that depends on you. If your elderly family member needs to exercise, too, you might want to consider blending your exercise routines together. As a caregiver, this option might be the one that’s guaranteed to keep you moving because it’s important to ensure that your aging family member gets the exercise that she needs. Plus you’re spending time together in a way that helps build a stronger bond.

If you’re still having trouble exercising regularly, don’t beat yourself up about it. Negative self-talk is only going to make you feel worse and won’t resolve the underlying problem. Try to figure out why you’re still avoiding exercise and do what you can to remove as many of the obstacles in the way as you can.

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