Encouraging Independence in your Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Redwood City CA: Encouraging Independence in your Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Redwood City CA: Encouraging Independence in your Aging Parent

Your aging parent may have lost some of their cognitive abilities. They may be using a mobility device such as a walker or they may have developed incontinence issues. Whatever the reason, you find them staying home more and sitting in their recliner for most of the day. You’re concerned about their physical welfare as well as their emotional state and increasing isolation.


They are fortunate to have someone in their lives that is concerned. According to a report on CNN, approximately 22 percent of Americans 65 years of age and older do not have a support system. Help them see the forest through the trees by encouraging activity. An elderly care provider can often offer the assistance they need to remain aging in their home and still feel a sense of independence.


Interactive Care Provider
An elderly care provider can provide what is known as interactive care. In this scenario, the in-home care provider assists your loved one with the daily activities of living, provides light housekeeping, and prepares meals all with your parent’s needs and abilities in mind. It is considered interactive because they encourage the participation of your parent. They may be preparing a meal while your parent sets the table or helping your loved one get into the shower safely before your loved one takes over the actual act of bathing. They help keep your loved one active by making sure they do what they can within the boundaries of a safe setting.


Getting Social
While an elderly care provider can run the errands and do the grocery shopping, parent’s often want to feel a sense of responsibility and inclusion. To this end, those they care for often accompany them on the errands, providing their input and suggestions. They go on walks together, to social outings and other events, helping your loved one remain active and independent. They provide transportation to appointments as well as to the senior community center where an abundance of classes, shared meals and events are offered.


Hesitant to Accept Help
If your loved one falls into the category of many who are hesitant to accept help, particularly from a stranger, consider a slow introduction of a few half-days a week and let your parent be involved in the selection and interview process. With time, an elderly care provider and your parent may very well become the closest of companions.

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