Is Your Senior Using Her Cane Properly?

Elderly Care San Jose, CA: Seniors Using Canes
Elderly Care San Jose, CA: Seniors Using Canes

Using a cane improperly can be worse for your elderly family member than not using one at all. Many aging adults aren’t excited about using a cane, but if they use it the right way it can make mobility so much easier and safer.

Make Sure the Cane Is Set to a Comfortable Height

If the cane isn’t adjusted to the right height for your senior, she’s going to have some significant trouble using it properly. Make sure that your elderly family member is wearing her usual shoes and that she’s comfortable while you measure. Measure from her hip down to the floor and then adjust the cane to that same measurement. When she’s holding the cane, your senior’s arm should be slightly bent and comfortable.

Which Hand She Uses Matters

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to using a cane properly. Your senior should always hold her cane on the opposite side of the side she experiences problems with. So if she has arthritis in her right hip, she should hold her cane in her left hand. The only exception would be if her doctor tells her do hold the cane a specific way for her particular injury.

There’s a Rhythm to Using a Cane

Walking with a cane is complicated because there’s a rhythm to the process. She should hold the cane in the correct hand and then put her weight on her good leg. Then it’s time to step forward with the injured leg and move the cane forward at the same time. The cane helps to support that bad leg. With her weight on her bad leg and her cane, it’s time to step forward with her good leg. With practice, this gets easier.

Take Things Slowly Until She’s Used to the Cane

Let your senior know that she needs to take things slowly while she’s getting used to her new cane. She shouldn’t be trying to get anywhere very quickly until she’s mastered the rhythm of properly using her cane. As she gets better, she’ll naturally walk a little faster until she’s gotten to a pace that’s comfortable for her.

When your elderly family member is not using her cane the right way, it’s likely to cause more problems than it assists her with as she tries to walk with it. Elderly care providers can help your senior to notice when she’s using her cane the right way and what she can do in order to get better results with it.

Excerpt: Using a cane properly is the key to making that device actually assist your senior.

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