Sometimes, It’s Best to Leave a Parent with Alzheimer’s at Home

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Spring and summer bring a flood of activities to calendars. You might have weddings to attend, high school or college graduations, and yearly trips to the beach. Your dad has Alzheimer’s and has reached a point that you can’t see bringing him to these events. Your family wants to see him, but you’re not sure it’s a good idea.

As your dad’s close family caregiver, you’re the best judge of his tolerance. With Alzheimer’s, loud noises like cheers or whistles are often triggers for agitation. Large crowds make it harder to keep an eye on your dad. If you do decide to bring him, be prepared for these situations by following these tips.

Schedule Shifts to Ensure Constant Supervision

Create a schedule so that someone is always focused on your dad. Split it up by hour. During that hour that you’re the person on duty, don’t leave your dad’s side for any reason. If he has to use the bathroom, stand right outside the door or at the end of the hallway.

Make sure that everyone shows up for their “shift” on time and doesn’t forget. Keep phones available with alarms set.

Find a Safe, Quiet Spot Just in Case

If your dad does start to panic or become agitated, make sure there is a safe, quiet spot you can take him to. Bring something as a distraction. Coloring books and crayons may work. A fidget spinner works with some Alzheimer’s patients. Movies or TV also help distract someone who is agitated and stressed.

Sit with your dad in that spot for as long as it takes. You’ll be able to get back out to the festivities as soon as your shift ends.

Don’t Make a Long Day of It

When your dad has Alzheimer’s a long day away from home will likely be too much. Stick to events where you’ll be able to leave and take him back home within an hour or two tops. A three-hour long graduation may be too much. With weddings and graduations, it’s often possible to watch the event live online. That may be a better option for your dad.

Have a Home Care Aide Fill In

Sometimes, it is best to leave your parent at home with a caregiver. Trust your instincts. You know how much noise and activity your dad can handle. If a wedding will be too much, don’t feel bad excluding him. You can take pictures and show him later.

It’s likely that your family is going to be attending the same event or function. If that’s the case, call a home care agency. Talk to a professional about respite care. While you go to whatever is happening that day, a home care aide steps in to keep your dad company. Call a home care agency today to learn more.

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