6 Devices to Track Older Adults with Dementia

Some of the behavioral symptoms that occur with dementia can be dangerous for an older adult. One such dangerous behavior is wandering. As the senior’s cognitive abilities and memories get worse, they can become confused about their environment or they may relive moments in their past. This disorientation can lead to them wandering away from home and getting lost. While there are many ways you can make the home safer and prevent seniors with dementia from getting out, using electronic tracking devices can give family caregivers better peace of mind. Below are 6 devices you may want to try.

1. GPS Tracking Watches.

Senior Care in Redwood City CA: Devices to Track Seniors with Dementia
Senior Care in Redwood City CA: Devices to Track Seniors with Dementia

There are many kinds of GPS tracking watches on the market, each with different features. Some of them come with locking clasps so that the older adult cannot take them off. The watch connects to a caregiver’s smartphone or other device, so they can find the older adult if they get lost. These watches can be especially useful during the early stages of dementia since they can allow the older adult more freedom and relieve their worries about getting lost.

2. GPS Smart Sole.

GPS Smart Sole shoe inserts can slip easily into an older adult’s shoe. Because they aren’t noticeable, the older adult isn’t likely to remove them. In addition, they aren’t intrusive or embarrassing to wear, allowing the senior to maintain their dignity. The device again connects to a caregiver’s smartphone or device.

3. iTraq.

The iTraq is a small tag that can be attached to clothing to track the whereabouts of your aging relative. In addition to tracking services, it can also alert caregivers if the older adult falls.

4. MedicalAlert Safely Home.

This device is worn as a bracelet. If your aging relative is missing, you can contact the police department who can use the 24-hour service line to determine the senior’s location. Caregivers can also use the service line. In addition to providing tracking services, the bracelet can be engraved with medical information like a traditional medical alert bracelet.

5. Trax.

Trax is a small device that has a clip to attach it to the older adult. Caregivers download the app to their smartphone and receive information about the senior’s location. In addition, you can use the app to set up “Geofences” so that you’ll receive an alert if the older adult leaves a designated area.

While these tools are an excellent way to keep your aging relative safer, they are no replacement for the hands-on care that senior care offers. Senior care providers can keep your loved one safe, comfortable, and engaged while you’re at work, which may reduce the urge to wander. Senior care providers can offer meaningful activities that keep the older adult from getting bored. Senior care can also ensure your family member’s physical needs are met by making meals for them, helping them to use the bathroom, and assisting them with bathing and dressing.

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