5 Things Caregivers Can Do with Help from Home Care

Caregiver Los Gatos, CA: Help from Home Care

Many caregivers feel like they don’t have enough time to attend to their own lives. They may spend so much time on caregiver duties that it can feel all-consuming. It can leave you spending day after day stuck in a rut of getting up, going to work, taking care of the older adult, and going to bed. There’s no time in there for you to do the activities you enjoy or spend time with others. But, when caregivers hire home care to help them with the senior’s care, it can free up some of their time to do other things. Here are 5 things you could do with help from home care.

#1: Go Out for Coffee with a Friend

When’s the last time you spent an hour or two just chatting over a cup of coffee with a friend without having to rush back to help your older relative? When you know that someone will be there to check on the senior and keep them safe, you’re free to connect with your friends. That’s an important part of staying healthy as a caregiver since feeling isolated can lead to loneliness and depression.

#2: Take Care of Your Physical Health

Caregivers have a tendency to neglect their own health because they’re too busy worrying about the health of their aging relative. Having help can mean getting the time you need to see your doctor, exercise, or cook yourself healthy meals.

#3: Take a Nap

Do you get enough sleep? If you’re juggling caregiver duties, work, kids, friends, and family, you probably don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of hours to take a nap when you’re feeling exhausted? Hiring a home care provider to come in even just once or twice a week allows you to take time to rest when you need it.

#4: Keep Up with Work Responsibilities

Some caregivers find themselves having to take time off work to drive their aging relative to medical appointments. They may also have to take time off work when symptoms of the senior’s condition worsen or when they have a health setback. Having home care to be with the older adult while you at work can let you focus more fully on your job and avoid the need to take time off.

#5: Spend Time with Your Kids

As a caregiver, you may sometimes have to miss your child’s school events, like soccer games, the school play, or a concert. Or, you may have to pass on going with them on field trips because you simply cannot take the time away from your elderly family member. When home care providers are with the older adult, you’re free to spend time with your kids, so you won’t have to miss so many special times with them.

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